The trader race of the Revalons is an extremely wealthy, yet relatively young race. They are adept at earning money through any means necessary to support their developing empire; from trading, working, blackmail, investment and countless other methods. The result of this is that the race is hideously good at earning money, and when large enough, an empire of Revalons can hire an empire from another race to defend them – Revalons frown upon war and the construction of war machines, they feel this taints their hard gained coins.

The Revalons even worship their currency and huge golden temples filled with treasures are commonplace on planets controlled by Revalons.

The Revalons’ social system is one where the wealth is shared almost equally between the members, and the race lives in a day to day state of harmony and peace with one another. All Revalons aim towards a "greater good", a single focused aim of driving the races they deem unholy out of the universe for good. Revalons believe they hold the key to a universal monopoly and constantly strive for it.


  • Hypnotize
  • Reduce Food Production
  • Destroy Iron


  • Place Nukes
  • Terminate Scientists
  • Destroy Cash


  • Tax Office


  • Population growth: 10%
  • Income: 60%
  • Research: 30%
  • Attack: -30%
  • Magic: -10%