Supernova 27 Map

Supernova 27

No official families make this more of a solo experience. Unofficial Alliances however, are allowed.

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Duration 4 Weeks
Current Turn 721
Players 0 / 39
Open Spots 39 / 39 Join
Start Date Wednesday, April 12, 2017
5 years ago
End Date Friday, May 12, 2017
5 years ago
Size 60x60
System Count 355
Planet Count 1561

Other Settings

Setting Value
Map Size
Family Count and Size
Max Defense Stations
Family Aid
Anonymous Play
Unofficial Alliances
Offensive Actions Delay
Market Opening Delay (if Market is enabled)
Science Funding Delay
Starting Resources Multiplier


Rank Family Networth Planets Population
Rank Family Planets Networth Population
Rank Family Population Networth Size
Rank Empire Race Networth Planets Population
Rank Empire Race Planets Networth Population
Rank Empire Race Population Networth Planets