Time Type Descripton
May 12, 2022 Update sup noobs lololol
Apr 6, 2022 Update Added "remaining time" values to round vote page.
Apr 2, 2022 Update Released new round join/vote system. Details
Nov 11, 2021 Update iOS Web App improvements Details
Nov 8, 2021 Update On the planets page, sorting by coordinates will now group planets by system. Details
Nov 5, 2021 Update You can now find planets by bonus type on the map page. Details
Oct 31, 2021 Update You can unblock empires from the empire page. Details
Oct 27, 2021 Update Added round rejoin setting Details
Apr 20, 2021 Update Added in-game ticket support system. Details
Apr 20, 2021 Bugfix Fixed bypassed inactive removal check Details
Mar 29, 2021 Bugfix Fixed galaxy setting for exploring up to the planet limit. Details
Mar 19, 2021 Bugfix Fixed ranking history on player profile page. Details
Mar 10, 2021 Bugfix A bug that prevented you from connecting your account to Patreon has been fixed. Details
Feb 28, 2021 Bugfix Fixed server error from protection mode check on the attacking empire.
Feb 19, 2021 Update For surrendered families, individual members can now log back in if they didn't vote to surrender. Details
Nov 27, 2020 Update Game and Family Discord Widgets have been added Details
Nov 27, 2020 Update Inactive Empire Handling has been updated. Details
Nov 25, 2020 Update Added empire seen data to internal family page. Details
Oct 29, 2020 Bugfix Fixed slow map filter responses. Details
Oct 10, 2020 Bugfix Fixed inactivity calculation Details
Oct 5, 2020 Bugfix Fixed session length (logout timer).
Sep 15, 2020 Update Added ability for families to surrender. Details
Sep 4, 2020 Update New players can use a draft code to bypass the training galaxy.
Aug 20, 2020 Update Added public changelog.
Aug 20, 2020 Bugfix Fixed broken images. Details
Aug 19, 2020 Update Qezian-only galaxies are supported again.
Aug 18, 2020 Bugfix Fixed missing Galaxy images.
Aug 18, 2020 Bugfix Fixed messages not rendering. Details
Aug 18, 2020 Bugfix Fixed profile page failure to load.
Aug 16, 2020 Update Migrated server and released upgraded codebase! Details
Aug 10, 2020 Update Added wiki link to nav.